Rev. Brian T. Moore

This is what I believe:

Neighborhood Engagement – As neighbors we generally all want the same thing, good, schools, nice houses, and friendly neighbors.  Often times our differences in age, race and cultural prohibit us from communicating with each other.  We are more alike than different, let’s begin the conversation.

Safety in our Communities – As we battle this overwhelming heroin epidemic we find more of the issues of safety creeping into our neighborhoods.  It is important that we partner with our safety forces, schools, and churches to ensure our neighborhoods are safe.

Improving our Housing Stock – When the housing market changed many people found it difficult to keep their homes, and others moved away.  Leaving homes either abandoned or in the hands of out of state landlords that may not have always been attentive to their properties.  It is important that we up keep our properties in a fashion that represents pride in our city.